Julie Dillon has been a musician for many years in San Francisco.


Her songs arrive organically with one note or one phrase from one moment in time. The fictional story then enfolds seemingly by itself... a random dance that settles down into a jigsaw puzzle. Patience, passion and chaos are altogether crucial for her true joyful artistry.

What people are saying:


San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Julie Dillon comes across tired but wise, breathy but commanding. It's post-flower power, pre-punk storytelling in the same vein as Patti Smith with a gritty, melodramatic, almost country tinge a la Victoria Williams.

- San Francisco Examiner


Each song is a story or intimate conversation that wraps you up in tales of its long day and sordid night. Sung with a hushed directness, every tune feels like a new secret to be carried to the bright light of day, some with banners waving, others with soft hands and somber heart.

- Charlie Knote


Dillon's relies on telling the truth in her song writing. The Ego doesn't really have any room in such a tight arena built around Dillon's poignant life experiences. Trusting the singer as a storyteller reminds me of musicians like singer/songwriters Bob Dylan or Ani Difranco. The story is for everyone to listen, to learn and to share. Dillon inspires others to appreciate and tell their own story.

- Ryan Wesierski